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A travel bug meaning … What?

Travel Bug
The Travel Bug

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of a bug (or travel bug)? A bug is a tricky word in English as it has a few different meanings.

Travel Bug
Travel Bug

Most people would probably associate it with a harmful microorganism, typically a bacterium or a virus that causes an illness or a disease, which is usually infectious. Similarly, an error in a computer program or a system is commonly referred to as a bug as well, so surely – nothing pleasant or positive that an average person would like to encounter.

In American English, a bug refers to a small insect, so again – it brings an image of tiny creepy-crawlies that most people would hate to see or feel!

However, if you use the word ‘bug’ along with a modifier it totally changes its meaning and transforms into an enthusiastic interest in something. A modifier is a word, especially an adjective or a noun used attributively, that restricts or adds to the sense of a head noun.
This way we can create a passion for sailing and turn it into a “sailing bug”. An appropriate modifier followed by the ‘bug’ becomes an obsession, a craze or a passion.

I have a friend who is a passionate traveller and a blogger. She would constantly change the location and explore new places. She is definitely infected with a travel bug but this infection is undeniably harmless and healthy. So, a travel bug is a condition that compels the infected person with the desire to travel. Regardless the words like “illness” and “disease” to describe it, the term “travel bug” itself does not have any negative connotations and does not suggest someone has caught a virus or a bacterium during their travels. In fact, it is usually a positive thing to catch the travel bug and it simply implies becoming a travel freak so that one cannot stop after one trip.

Monasterio Taktshang

Monasterio Taktshang – Bhutan

Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life

Michael Palin

A travel bug could also be a synonym for another very similar expression: wanderlusta strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world. If you combine those two words: wander– walk or move leisurely or aimlessly, or travel aimlessly through or over an area; and lust- a passion, a passionate desire for something; you will end up with a great wish to travel and craving to see the world.


globe2 - A travel bug meaning ... What?

Has this article made you wonder whether you are infected with a travel bug or have the wanderlust gene yet? You can easily find out taking the quiz:

If you happen to be infected we don’t wish you a speedy recovery this time:)

Bon voyage!
Enjoy your travels!
Genieß deine Reise!
¡Disfruta tu viaje!
Buon viaggio!
Приятного путешествия!
Przyjemnej podróży!
Απολαύστε το ταξίδι σας!
तपाईंको यात्राको मजा लिनुहोस्!

תהנה מהטיול שלך!
از سفر خود لذت ببرید!

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